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Job Shadowing

I learned so much from my job shadowing, I job shadowed Pediatric Occupational and Physical Therapy because that is the career I want to do when I am older. I love working with disabled kids and I feel like I’d… Continue Reading →

Mock Interview Reflection

1. Interviewing a classmate was kind of awkward because we already knew they arent really our interviewer. This did prepare me on knowing how you are supposed to answer the questions. 2. I didnt really nervous because I know its… Continue Reading →

Sox vs Orioles Empty Stadium

On Wednesday afternoon, The MLB team The Sox were at The Orioles home field for a game but due to the riots and protesting going on in Baltimore, Major League Baseball decided to not let anyone in the stadium and… Continue Reading →

Soldiers entertainment during war years ago.

A long time ago soldiers didn’t have much to entertain themselves so they would write a lot of diaries and notes to send back home and also read. They would find anything to read from notes to bibles to newspapers… Continue Reading →

Twelfth Night

After reading the Drama by Shakespeare “Twelfth Night” we did a 60 second play with our groups picked by our teacher. It was hard to take a whole scene into a 60 seconds and have all the main important parts…. Continue Reading →

Images That Represent Me

How to Edublog comment

When you are going to comment on a fellow edubloggers post, be sure that you actually read their blog. If it does not interest you, you should still comment but think about how the blogger was thinking when they typed… Continue Reading →

Thoughts on Maleficent

When I saw the GI play of Maleficent played by students at the school, it amazed me. It was really good especially at the fact they can not use props or have different outfits. Even though the main things to… Continue Reading →

Plan Testing Advice

When I took the Plan testing, I wasn’t nervous. Theres nothing to be nervous about just try your hardest and do what you know. If your teacher gives practices, do it. It may seem very easy and pointless but practice… Continue Reading →

Advice on High School

If you are starting high school for the first time, don’t be nervous. It maybe overwhelming but within a week you will know your place and have a routine. Every day its something new, everyday you will meet and see… Continue Reading →

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